1. Do I need proof of COVID vaccination to attend?

    There is no vaccination requirement for DevConf 2024.
  2. What is your refund policy if the government prevents the event from happening, as it did in 2020?

    Our standard policy is as follows:
    • Up to 45 days before the event, we offer 100% refunds on attendee tickets.
    • Up to 15 days before the event, we offer 50% refunds on attendee tickets.
    • Up to 5 days before the event, we offer 25% refunds on attendee tickets.
    • After that there is no refund.
    Regardless of the reason we will be happy to offer refunds following the above policy. If the event cannot proceed as planned, there will be no refunds. Our policy is to postpone the event until a future date where it can be run within 12 months, or the event will be changed to a virtual event. Once a new date is announced for the event, the standard policy above will apply again.
  3. If I get sick just before the event, can I get a refund?

    The standard refund policy above will apply.
  4. Where can I read your full refund policy?

    Our full terms & conditions for tickets outline all the details.
  5. As a sponsor, what happens if the government introduces lockdowns like in 2020?

    If we are placed in a lockdown again, the severity level and rules for in-person events allowed by government will dictate. Worst case scenario, we will postpone the event, but that is plan D. Plan B and plan C are to continue the event in a safe way with small changes to make it work.
    Ensuring we can run, unless we have a very serious issue, is also the reason for limiting the number of attendees to 250 people physically. We have selected venues with plenty of space to accomodate social distancing. We also believe it is likely that government will start to allow for larger events as long as attendees are vaccinated, and we have taken that into account in our planning.
  6. I have other questions or advice to offer

    We would love to hear from you, please email us.